We are committed to having a work environment where all employees are treated as equals and are not subject to any form of discrimination. Our company prioritizes equal opportunities among all staff members and fair representation in all occupational categories. Our company policy is to consciously prioritize previously disadvantaged groups across all job functions. Objectives to achieve this include a focus on the elimination of unfair discrimination, performance management, recruitment and selection processes based on internal promotion, remuneration and benefits based on the concept of earning equal pay for work that is of equal value, and training and development.

Environmentally sensitive procedures have been adopted as part of the Magna Thomson’s quality system which is focused on customer satisfaction while respecting national laws and regulations on environmental issues. Our environmental policy is based on 3 interlinked commitments which are the recycling of paper products, preventing pollution and maintaining awareness among our staff and stakeholders.

Health & Safety:
Comfy Worldwide Movers is committed to the safety and welfare of employees and all stakeholders who are involved in any activities related to us. We achieve this by following best practice in terms of HSE management and through constant training and development of staff.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption:
We have created a corporate culture which promotes ethical behaviour and maintaining integrity through any business dealing. A high priority is placed on honesty, trustworthy behaviour and setting a good example. We do not pay or accept bribes under any circumstances. We ensure every employee makes a clear distinction between the interests of our company and their private interests, to avoid possible conflicts of interest. We do not accept gifts, invitations or other advantages which could contradict this principle. We take the law very seriously and comply with legislation at all times. Any deviation from these policies is reported and corrective action is immediately taken.

We communicate all our CSR policies, Anti-bribery and Corruption policies, our Code of Conduct, as well as details of our pledge to the UN Global Compact to our suppliers by providing them with copies and verbally when we begin to work with them. 

This minimises risk and ensures compliance to the same standards throughout our supply chain.

Supply Chain Management:
In order to deliver a good quality final service it is important to have control over suppliers and the service they deliver. Effective selection, management and control procedures are used to guarantee that our suppliers offer the same high standard of service that we do.
Our Head Office has primary responsibility for the evaluation of potential suppliers and sub-contracted professional services.
A strict assessment is made based on the following criteria.
  • Previous performance as a supplier to the Company
  • Reference to appropriate product or service approvals or third party certification
  • Reference to Quality Systems approval by third party (e.g. ISO standards)
  • Reference to individual qualifications and / or professional membership
  • Assessment of operating quality systems, either by review of applicable written procedures, or by audit
  • Suppliers or professional service providers nominated by the Customer
  • The strength of their Anti-bribery and Corruption Policies and Data Security Policies
  • Financial Strength
Approved Suppliers are listed on a Preferred Suppliers’ List. Adjustments are made to the list based on evidence of reported deficiencies or achievements. Action is taken immediately, whether it be discontinuation or a decision to use them more regularly.
All suppliers are expected to sign a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure they comply with our standards. 

This procedure will be subject to review annually and possibly updated. In case of changes/updates in the procedure, it will be communicated to all employees and our supply chain.

Our Privacy Policy Document:
The protection of our customer’s information is vital to the relationships built on trust we have with you, and we do our utmost to ensure privacy and security. We adhere to the privacy principles of effective management; providing adequate notice and identifying purposes; choice and consent; ensuring collection of data is only for the purposes identified in the notice; use, retention and disposal based on laws; that access is secure and controlled by passwords and other security measures; we only disclose this information to 3rd parties for the purposes of the specific work to be carried out; ensure high standards of protection of personal information and ensure quality of information security.

We comply with the “Protection of Personal Information Act, 2016” which serves as a directive for the collection and processing of your personal data in Kenya.

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